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Intellectual Property Services

We help our clients understand the value of IP in business, enabling them to proactively manage all IP related risks.

We recognise that an essential component of any innovation ecosystem is an effective system for protecting and commercialising Intellectual Property Rights.

Intellectual Property Rights play an essential role in transferring knowledge, skills and technology and service as a catalyst for innovation and economic growth.

A well-functioning Intellectual Property system can contribute to a sustainable environment for technology diffusion, business and legal certainty and attract long-term investment. So let us help you to protect and exploit your Intellectual Property Rights and that your Intellectual Property and commercialisation strategies are aligned. This will enable your business to derive the maximum value and benefit from your Intellectual Property Rights.

We can help you to:

  • Draft Intellectual Property Policy and legislation, as well as providing Intellectual Property Policy advocacy and advisory.
  • Protect Intellectual Property rights, including the filing and prosecution of patents, trademarks and designs.
  • Develop and implement Intellectual Property strategies.
  • Develop and implement commercialisation strategies (franchise, licensing, manufacturing, mergers and acquisitions, etc.).
  • Manage your Intellectual Property Rights, research and facilitating technology transfer.
  • Conduct technology reviews and landscaping, competitor and market analysis.
  • Source deals and funding.
  • Intellectual Property awareness, training and capacity building.
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